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Mar 07 2011

It’s… Cluetime! Again? Really?

I thought I was done issuing clues to the stupid today? it’s almost 5 PM as I start this. I guess clue issuance doesn’t have office hours. Having said that, I guess stupid doesn’t either. And I take it those who issue clue don’t get sickdays? I could’ve taken one today. somewhere, one of you just asked, “Oh for fuck’s sakes, what could’ve possibly blown up now? Shane’s out of the country for Christ’s sakes!” Yeah, well of course he’s out of the country. but that doesn’t mean my family’s stupid license wasn’t revoked. Of course not. that’d be too easy. I’m digging through email again. Personal email. Translation: the address the family has. this can only end in cursing, right? Well, of course.

Over the past couple days, my mother seemed to have gotten some weed in her system, gotten the bug out of her ass, and started acting like a normal human being. she even cracked a joke in her last message about me buying her an iPhone for her 40th birthday. So you’d think that the stupid was if not gone, at least significantly curtailed, right? Excuse me while I pop your happy little bubble where everything’s perfect… Ah, there, that’s better. Incoming stupid! Duck and cover! (Note that the email address of the guilty party is not provided here for the author’s sanity and safety.)

Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 4:08 PM
From: (My grandmother)
To: Krista Pennell

Hi Krista
Auntie called me last night and she wants to take you out to lunch for your birthday, I guess this weekend
she wants me to go too. Dad and I are happy you are coming home. Remember you can not bring Shane home
with you. I don;t want what happened for your birthday to happen. Email me back please
Love you

Now, let’s review, children, shall we?
When was Shane supposed to leave? tuesday.
When did he actually leave? Wednesday. We’ll blame Fitchburg State, the MBTA, and Greyhound for that, but that’s his deal not mine.
Who paid, more often than not, whenever we went to do something, whether it was traveling to New Hampshire to hang with friends, grab takeout because cafeteria food is meh, or go out to dinner by ourselves, without people whining they wanna go with us? that’s right, Shane did.
What did I contribute? I was able to pay for his food when his wallet walked off, give him a place to stay, and let him borrow my equipment while we waited for his to get here. (Thanks, asshole in Montreal, that was much appreciated. And asshole who jacked his wallet? Hell. Go there. now. Move). This trip was not under the niftiest of circumstances, as you well know, and as I’ve said before, we thank everyone who was able to pull it off the ground when it did go sideways.

that having been said, what the hell do I have to do to get it through people’s heads that he’s not taking advantage of me? Is my family really that overprotective, stupid, and unwilling to treat me like an adult that they’re hammering it into their own heads that he’s taking advantage of me? And how am I supposed to show them he’s not when they won’t give me the chance to? My mother, for one, complains that I don’t include him in anything. well, how do I do that when you won’t allow me to, you dumb ass? And grandmother, you know better. You of all people, know that I despise when people behave like that. You knew I didn’t want a birthday party, you knew it would’ve been too much for me to deal with. You knew I wanted Shane to meet everyone. I understand mother had a tantrum, oh my god, 2 and a half weeks ago, but that doesn’t give you the right to bring it up and throw it in my face. We’ve spoken of this before. I’ve told you I’m not going to be the old lady with 7000 cats just to make my mother happy and make her not have to, *gasp*, deal with people she may or may not like. the only person I’ve ever dated that she’s liked is cory. God forbid I date anyone else. she’s never liked anyone I’ve dated, with the exception of one guy, and that’s because his parents were filthy motherfucking rich. But he lived all the way out in Boston, and god forbid I be allowed to travel there. Oh, and he wasn’t necessarily college material either, so I guess the only reason she ever liked him was his rich family. Hell, she’s never really even liked any of my blind friends, again, with the notable exception of Cory. I know I referred in my last post to the poor guy whose family originated from Pakistan whom she ragged on so bad behind his back that I took pity on the poor kid and stopped talking to him. she never ragged on any of my other friends that bad, but when I hung around the few sighted people who would tolerate being seen with the blind girl in my early high school days, you could tell she was much happier about that. Take for example my friend Jay, who had one whole side of his face crushed by a jet-ski about 4 years back. He too, was blind. Did she ever rag on him, even if his face was scarred up all to hell? No. Did she rag on my friend who is wheelchair bound and only has partial use of one hand? No. All of these people have one thing in common, including Shane. That is that they all, somehow, look different. Hell, even I do. And we know she’s all over me constantly about my looks. So what the hell is her problem? Shane has done nothing to hurt me, nor has he done anything to her. When he met her, he was nothing but civil to her. And she didn’t give him any hell either. What seems to be the problem, now, and how the hell do I fix it? Given her previous history with friends of mine and people I’ve dated, how was I supposed to know she’d pull this on Shane? And why, suddenly, is my grandmother behaving like this? What’d I do to her? How’s he supposed to meet the rest of the family if they won’t remove their collective cranium from their rectum? Mother says she wants to see him included in things, and so do I, but how is that possible when everyone’s being stupid? How did they go from being accepting of this in November, to this attitude of disgust, now?
End brain vomit. Time to go get actual work done, now. it’s 7:35 and I’m still in an awesome mood because of that one email. Just… Meh. I hate people somedays.

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Feb 18 2011


so according to vanessa, the twatwaffling hormonal sex deprived asscrack, she’s attempted to call krista multiple times, sent multiple e-mails, etc.
Except that part wherein she sent nothing.
Anyone wanna guess who the fuck she’s blaming this time? Yep, me, again.
I’m supposedly the cause of krista never getting her voicemails or e-mails.
I hate people, just… bleh.

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Feb 16 2011

just need to ramble.

I’ve worked with holy shit parents before, dealt with them, slapped them around, clued them in, fuck, told them to stop acting like 5 year olds. Then, you have…. this particular one.
This particular one’s got this inharrent issue wherein because the last time I was here, oh my fucking christ, I left a miss labeled bottle here. This supposedly makes me a criminal. Well she never outright said it, but come the hell on, it’s obvious.
So Among other reasons, (hi, krista’s birthday.), oh, (hi, disability services needing a swift kick in the balls), you push this trip back even farther… anyhow, another one of the reasons I wanted to come back was to, in list format, because I’m a lazy son of a bitch.

  • meet the entire family
  • this has the added bennifit of hopefully putting a cork in said issue of criminal activity’s I’m supposedly involved in.
  • meeting the extended family, hey, wouldn’t be a trip without it, right?
  • finally tossing that stupid fucking modem of d00m out the window. erm, maybe not, if we don’t have a replacement , but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

forget the unexpected arrival sans equipment, thanks
for the rock solid replacement.
Oh we can’t forget meeting
witch has added some interesting things to this trip.
More on tomorrow’s trip after it happens.
No, we’re not going back to montreal, sorry bout your luck. lol
Anyhow, back to the original reason I’m typing.
So, it comes up that hey, Krista’s mother wants to do birthday things with her, the rest of the family to, as well. Ok nifty, right? how about not really.
This stupid bitch doesn’t even think I exist, doesn’t want to try, one minor fuck up and I’m scarred for life.
I want this to work, but if the queen bitch won’t even acknowledge my existance, where’s the point in trying?
Staying at the college, is whatcha call expensive, and has this nasty potential of blowing up in our faces if the wrong person gets it in their head to wine, complain, etc.
I’ve made arrangements for this weekend, we thank
once again for being nice enough to offer me a place to stay since certain parental twatwaffling hormonal asscracks don’t want to do the polite thing and actually meet the boyfriend of their daughter and actually, ya know, get to know me?
Come on, yeah I have this tendancy to run my face, but would krista keep me around if I was a total anal…. abusive, son of a bitch?
I’d think not, and
and many others here at the college and online would kick my skinny ass to the moon and back.
and james just might evict me.
so to the twatwaffling sex deprived thing that is krista’s mother, get rid of the cranius inrectus, now.
I’m done, now.

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Feb 11 2011

days that suck, but include people that are made of win.

so as posted early
the plan was to go out to lunch with a friend, and hit wall mart.
Except that part, wherein that didn’t happen.
This time, my wallit was supposed to be in my jacket pocket. except for that parrt, wherein…. it *wasn’t*.
Happy? no, not really.
Annoyed? sure, I’ll use that one. why not.
Long and short of it, had to run all the way to fuckin’ montreal to replace one of the 2 lost debet cards.
trip started yesterday at 1PM and didn’t end until about an hour ago.
We thank
:for driving me their, and back. You sir, are made of awsome, and win.
Why can’t their be more people like rick in the world? seriously? it could use a few more.
related: american customs, it’s no business of yours where I work, I probably make more than you do, so kindly shove off.
related number 2: welcome to having to bust out the grade 9 french braille reading skills, to make sure we found the right pisser in tim hortons in montreal. Everything, but the bathrooms was printed bilingual, why not the bathrooms? who the fuck knows.

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Feb 02 2011

hey, CRTC. welcome to either do it, or being overruled. you choose.

I won’t reidderate my view on bandwidth caps.
this person over here, known as my roommate, does it quite well
for me.
while covering the crtc’s ruling and simarily blasting the hell outta of it, for what that’s worth.
Now, the federal government has simarily told the CRTC, either you recynd your ruling or we’ll
do it for you

it’s their choice.
Here’s that article, minus all the sighted advertisement shit.

CRTC will rescind ‘unlimited use’ Internet decision – or Ottawa will overturn it
OTTAWA— From Thursday’s Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Feb. 02, 2011 10:17PM EST
Last updated Wednesday, Feb. 02, 2011 10:59PM EST
The Harper government will overturn the CRTC’s decision that effectively ends “unlimited use” Internet plans if the regulator doesn’t rescind the decision itself.
Industry Minister Tony Clement made the surprise announcement late Wednesday night via his closely-followed Twitter account.
He confirmed reports by The Globe and Mail and other media that the Tories were prepared to take this step.
“True. CRTC must go back to drawing board,” he tweeted after being asked if it was true the government would act “if the CRTC does not back down.”

Given this ultimatum from the Tories, the options facing the independent regulator are to reconsider the ruling of its own volition or see the cabinet use its power to reverse it.

The Harper government has taken a keen interest in the CRTC ruling that’s sparked a massive consumer backlash and caught the attention of all political parties in Ottawa.

Mr. Harper has personally intervened on the file to signal his displeasure this week.

If the Harper government is forced to act, it would mean that independent Internet service providers would not be forced to switch to per-byte billing from “unlimited access” accounts.

It would also not prevent the big Internet providers from continuing to use metered billing as they have for years.

But the fact that smaller providers could offer unlimited accounts has likely acted as a competitive check on the market and helped keep prices from rising.

Earlier Wednesday night, Mr. Clement turned up the heat on CRTC chair Konrad von Finckenstein on the eve of the regulator’s Commons committee grilling over the decision.

The minister used his closely followed Twitter account to broadcast his unease about the ruling, raising the stakes for Mr. von Finckenstein’s appearance Thursday.

The regulatory chief has been called on the carpet before MPs to explain the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruling.

Mr. Clement, who only this week announced his government is probing whether to overturn the decision, late Wednesday served notice that he will be closely scrutinizing the comments of Mr. von Finckenstein, the very regulator whose decision he’s now second-guessing. The CRTC is independent but cabinet has the power to amend or rescind its rulings.

Using his Twitter instant messaging account – followed by more than 8,300 people, including journalists and many in political circles – Mr. Clement hammered home how skeptical he is of the CRTC decision concerning what Internet providers call “usage-based billing.”

“I’m looking forward to the CRTC chairman’s appearance before the House Industry Committee … to explain his support for the UBB decision,” the Industry Minister said via Twitter.

To drive home his point, Mr. Clement quickly added: “I remain very concerned by the UBB decision of the CRTC and look forward to my review being completed ASAP.”

Mr. Clement is the most avid Twitter user in the federal cabinet, having posted more than 2,500 messages. He’s shown a knack for careful tweeting that avoids missteps. While he discusses music and his personal life, his political-themed messages are normally worded to make a point rather than repeat blandishments.

Mr. Clement and the Harper cabinet have overturned the CRTC before, of course, by striking down the regulator’s ruling that Globalive, which now operates Wind Mobile, couldn’t launch service in the regulated sector because of foreign financial backing.

A CRTC official said this week the agency has received thousands of complaints about its decision, which allows large Internet providers such as BCE Inc.’s Bell Canada to charge smaller providers who lease space on their networks on a per-byte, or usage, basis.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself took the unusual step of intervening in the controversy, putting more heft behind Mr. Clement’s move to review the CRTC ruling – a strong sign of the Conservatives’ displeasure with the regulator’s decision.

It’s an unwelcome development for major Internet providers, which have fought for years for the CRTC ruling that effectively ends “unlimited” Internet download plans.

The Conservatives said the probe of the ruling will be finished by or before March 1.

While the Conservatives insist they have not yet decided what to do, the government is sounding very sympathetic to CRTC critics who say the verdict will hurt Internet commerce and consumers.

“We want to ensure that the Internet is available for consumers, small businesses, innovators and creators. That is what we are all about,” Mr. Clement told the Commons Wednesday.

needless to say, the CRTC’s been told, your choice, but either way, this will get reversed, either voluntarily or forcefully.
This is one thing I don’t mind eyeballing, and have been eyeballing since my last
bill showed up wherein this was mentioned.
working off that, while I was putting the above together, we have

The CRTC’s Usage-based billing rules will be reviewed by the CRTC, or overturned by the government.

We’re not at the finish line yet, but this is a massive win for all 330,000 of us who signed the Stop The Meter petition.

What we do not know:
1. Will the CRTC review all of it’s UBB decisions pertaining to Indie ISPs or just those pertaining to the specific billing rules?
2. Will UBB be suspended until the CRTC finishes it’s review?
3. Will the CRTC actually do a complete reversal in the end, or will they try to save face by doing a half-measured response (giving the Indie ISPs a better deal on UBB, but not removing it’s imposition)

What we do know:
1. From what the Globe reports, major telecom companies (Bell, Shaw, Rogers, Videotron), will still be allowed to impose UBB on their retail customers
2. They will now face more competition from indie ISPs who will, to some degree, be able to decide on their own pricing.

In short, this is an amazing and unprecedented victory for innovators, entrepreneurs and Canadians of all stripes…. But we are NOT at the finish line. There is nothing that big telecom would like more than to change the channel on this debate. Lets take a minute to pat ourselves on the back, but not this victory act as veil on the work that still needs to be done. Bi

The next round will likely be with the CRTC. We have momentum behind us, we have the government and major opposition parties behind us, we have over 330,000 of us who have taken a firm stand in favour of an accessible open Internet. If we keep the momentum going we can stop the meter, and fix the structural problems in our communications system.

Big telecom lobbyists are waiting to back to business as usual; the backroom meetings, the captured regulator, the uninformed citizenry. Lets not go back there – this has been too fun.

We’re just about there – please keep raising awareness amongst your friends, family and networks – let continue to grow our community of supporters:

To further the point, please submit the following form.
If the below form doesn’t work, go over
and fill it out.

Thanks for your continued support and let’s here your comments.

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Jan 31 2011

parenting skills, get you some. their free.

The things I find while waiting for files to save.
A 5-year-old says he
a gun in his father’s car on the way to school.

The young boy, who has since been suspended for an undetermined amount of time, told police that he found the gun in his stepfather’s vehicle on the way to school that morning.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion this is true?
Oh, that’s right, because in today’s society parent’s don’t give a shit, at all.

Superintendent Tom Townsend says he is unaware if the child realizes the severity of the situation and ultimately, places blame on the child’s parent.

Well hey, he’s only 5, he was curious, and probably wanted to show it to all his friends. Placing blame on the parents, damn straight.
That’s exactly where it belongs.

“As a father that’s raised three kids, I’m responsible for what my 5 year old accesses. So, yes, I think he’s a victim of neglect.”

As a godfather, babysitter, and father to a child that isn’t mine biologically, I *was* responsible for that child(s) actions when that child is/was in my care. so I see where the superintendant’s coming from.

Police say that if the boy’s story proves to be true, the parent could face neglect charges as well as culpable negligence for improperly storing a firearm within the reach of a child.

I’m not doubting the validity of the child’s story, I’m currently wishing the parents jailed for such a stupid action.
The what if’s come to mind, what if the gun had gone off, what if their had been a bullit in the actual chamber… so many possibilities that just, even to me, are extremely scary.
Innocents could have been killed by this parents neglect.
Yes the child was wrong for picking up an unknown object, should he have been suspended? yes, I believe he should have been, just so he knows that what he did was wrong.
Should the parents be held accountable for the unsafe storage of a firearm around a child? Your fucking right they should be.
Taking this a step further, should the child be removed from the home, if it’s determined the parents are irresponsible with firearms? Yes, he should. Why? because it’s an unsafe environment for the child.

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Jan 21 2011

and their goes amazon’s pripriatory drm protection, out the window. I’m not sad though.

When I purchase something, I expect to be able to do whatever I want with it, whenever I want, on whatever freakin device I so choose, right?
Up to now, kindle users couldn’t do this.
It’s a long standing given that I hate DRM, especially when on the rare off chance I purchase something, that DRM protection is on.
This means I can’t do whatever I want with said purchase, weather it’s an MP3, or an ebook.
Until now.
life hacker
we have the
to your kindle drm protected wo’s.
somehow I’m not saddened by this.
The reason?
I bought the book, let me do whatever I want with it. So thanks to the above linked source for giving me an actual way to use what I buy wherever I want.

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Jan 10 2011

today’s dose of clue.

Have today’s dose of clue.
firstly, If your in colige, please do be acting like it, and leave the highschool drama back their, in highschool where it belongs.
Secondly, stop spouting shit that is not true, and oh, one quick note to the particular sighty that was told this by another blind person, varrify your crap before assuming you know the facts.
Related: highschool drama in coliges, I don’t like, please make it stop.

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Jan 07 2011

and this person has other kids? not anymore she don’t.

We start out today… with yet another clue.
This is what… the 2nd day in a row?
Doing the morning cruise through RSS feeds, we find a mother that got charged for an amber alert, why? because the mother decided to use her kid as
so a man would return her car.
Then she claimed the child was abducted, oh yeah, this is just brilliant.
Have the article in full.

The Elmira mother charged after the city’s first use of the Amber Alert system used her 3-year-old son as “insurance” when she loaned an acquaintance her car, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Stephanie A. Davila, 33, of South Walnut Street, was also accused of lying to police as they were looking for her son, Jacob Ryan Rubin Davila.
Law enforcement officials said the mother loaned her car to a man she didn’t know well and made him take the boy so he would return the vehicle.
The boy, who was reported missing Tuesday night, was found unharmed Wednesday morning at a motel room in Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester.
Stephanie Davila and the man accused of taking Jacob Davila, Quentin M. Singletary, 26, of Rochester, were both charged Wednesday with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. They are scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Elmira City Court.
“Right now, I feel we’ve got appropriate charges filed,” Chemung County District Attorney Weeden Wetmore said Thursday, adding that he’d spoken in detail with Capt. Joe Kain, commander of the Elmira Detective Bureau, about the investigation.
The misdemeanor complaint against Stephanie Davila accuses her of misleading police as they looked for her son.
“When the patrol originally went over there, she flat-out told us it was an abduction of her child against her wishes,” Kain said.
That information led police to issue an Amber Alert, saying that Jacob Davila had been abducted, Kain said.
“It wasn’t until we interviewed some of her other kids, and some of the information was able to be obtained to find out that she actually did give him (Singletary) consent to take her car and one of her children,” Kain said.
Another charge may be coming: Wetmore said he may charge Singletary with unlawful imprisonment, but Davila’s actions the night Jacob Davila went missing might stand in the way.
“(Davila) insisted that (Singletary) take her son when he took the car, as insurance that he would return the car,” Wetmore said, adding that that was the reason for her charge.

“He never intended to kidnap (Jacob), or anything. He just took the kid and went to do his business in Rochester,” Wetmore said.

Wetmore said he charged Singletary with endangering “because he had the kid legitimately, but for whatever reason he decided to go off to Rochester.”
Wetmore said he didn’t know why Singletary went to Rochester with Jacob Davila, and said Stephanie Davila also didn’t know.
“She didn’t want to know what his business was,” Wetmore said.
“According to her, she thought he was just going to a local Burger King. She let her son go off.”
Kain said there is no evidence Singletary’s trip to Rochester was related to drug trafficking.
He said there may have been some drug paraphernalia in the motel room in Henrietta where deputies found the boy, but Singletary and Jacob Davila had only been in that room for a few minutes. He said they stayed in a different room at the motel.
When deputies found Jacob Davila, they questioned Singletary, one man and two women.
Kain said the three other adults whom deputies found in the room “knew nothing about Quentin Singletary … abducting a kid or anything like that. They knew (Jacob) as his girl’s baby, so they never questioned anything about it. He just kind of hung out up there with them.”
Though the three other adults in the motel room may have thought the boy belonged to Singletary’s girlfriend, Kain said he didn’t know whether he and Stephanie Davila actually had a romantic relationship.
He said the two met about two weeks ago and had seen each other a few times since then.
“Quentin didn’t even know the boy’s name,” Kain said. “If he had to think for a while, it would come to him. … (Davila) doesn’t know him; he doesn’t know nothing about her.
“That’s his lifestyle, just come and go and do his own thing. He’s not accountable to anybody …,” Kain said.
Kain said Singletary has a criminal history but didn’t elaborate except to say that Singletary had never been arrested in Elmira.
Police said they fielded perhaps thousands of calls after issuing the Amber Alert. Kain said two of those callers provided information that helped locate Jacob Davila. He said he planned to talk to both.
“They did an outstanding job and it helped us out immensely, so I’d like to commend them in whatever way I can,” Kain said.
“It’s nice when people step up and do the right thing, especially when it’s a good cause: the protecting and the saving of a little kid.”

So in short, the man in question, Kain, isn’t being charged, unless I’m missing something, and the mother is.
Please do be taking the rest of her kids to, ok?
Related: I hate stupid people, stop failing, please? thanks.

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Dec 20 2010

really, suing, at a time like this? seriously?

Me and my rss scrolling catching up on the past day’s worth of feeds since the 19th, brought me to this
regarding an $80-million lawsuit that Jo-Anne Blair is filing against both the housing company and the property management company of the building on 200 welsley street.
As you may or may not know, some 1500+ people were ripped from their homes back in september when a massive 6 alarm blaze ripped through this downtown highrise.
I personally know one person that’s been effected in this building, but you, my dear readers, may no many, many more.
What brought this to my attention was the article that
680 news
That national post article is linked
and quoted below in it’s entirety.
My comments and thoughts will follow the article.

Wellesley fire victim files $80-million lawsuit

Aaron Lynett/National Post
Jo-Anne Blair stands outside of her fire-damaged building at 200 Wellesley Street East in Toronto, Friday evening, November 12, 2010. Blair has filed a class action lawsuit against Toronto Community Housing over the fire.
December 18, 2010 – 10:00 am

Jo-Anne Blair has a hard time sleeping at night. She constantly checks to see that her smoke alarm is working. The wail of a fire truck sends her into a fit of panic and she smells things burning even when nothing is.

It has been nearly three months since a fire ripped through a high-rise building on Wellesley Street and forced some 1,500 people to flee their homes. Most have been able to return, but not Ms. Blair, who lived across the hall from the purported epicentre of the blaze. She was marooned on her balcony for six hours before firefighters gave her a thumbs-up through the sliding door and escorted her out through water that came up past their ankles.

A week later, Toronto Community Housing had relocated her to a townhouse near Main and Danforth, where she’s had to “beg, borrow and steal to get some furniture to sit on.” Grateful for her share of the donations collected from across the city, she longs to return home.“You can sit at your table in the morning and can have your coffee. You go to bed at night and you have your own pillow,” said Ms. Blair, a former bookkeeper who lived at 200 Wellesley since 1984. “When you get up in the morning, do you look at your children’s pictures [or] your personals that belong to you?”

She is spearheading a lawsuit against Toronto Community Housing Corporation, which owns the complex, and Greenwin Property Management, which looked after it, alleging they breached their duty of care. She is suing both parties for $80-million, with the intent that the proceedings are certified as a class-action.

Ashley Hutcheson for National Post
.In a statement of claim filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ms. Blair alleges that she, “on several occasions,” alerted Greenwin to the potential fire hazard caused by a neighbour’s “hoarding” of stacks of paper and other material.

Fire officials initially said a lot of combustible material in a unit on the 24th floor appeared to be fuelling the flames, but the cause remains unknown. The Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall is investigating.
“Notwithstanding these warnings, Greenwin failed to make any, or did make inadequate attempts, if any, to remedy the problem,” according to the statement of claim. It alleges the defendants failed to keep the building up to fire, or safety codes (her fire alarm did not go off) and didn’t help occupants obtain adequate shelter, food or medicine in the aftermath of the crisis.

“It’s not about being uncaring, because I don’t think TCHC is uncaring. I think they care, they’re in the social housing business,” said Brian Shell, Ms. Blair’s lawyer. “I think it’s about the inability to effectively reach out to the community at a moment of high stress and tension. It may be an issue of expertise, or it may be just an issue of lack of creativity. Too many things going on. They are focused on how to figure out how to dry off the building, but they’ve forgotten they have hundreds of people spread out across the city.”

A spokesman for Greenwin said it was “prudent” not to comment on a matter that is before the courts. Mitzie Hunter, chief administrator for the housing authority, similarly would not discuss allegations made in the suit.

She said TCH has done everything in its power to help.

“We’ve provided alternative housing, food vouchers, transit passes. Immediately following, there was assistance through the Canadian Red Cross, the Salvation Army, all of the agencies throughout the city. So we certainly want to ensure that tenants have the support they need,” said Ms. Hunter. Toronto public health has been on scene, she said, there is an onsite information desk, a 24-hour hotline and frequent newsletter updates.

In recent weeks, TCH has also offered tenants a voluntary compensation package, while admitting no liability. Tenants who live in a bachelor apartment are eligible to receive $3,300; a two bedroom gets $5,300, plus additional amounts for each occupant for the unit. They have until Jan. 21 to sign up for a cheque. In exchange, tenants give up their right to participate in the class-action suit, which lawyers say is unlikely to be certified before the Jan. 21 deadline.

“We’ve offered to help on a compassionate basis so that tenants can return to their normal lives as soon as possible,” said Ms. Hunter, who noted that former Chief Justice of Ontario Roy McMurtry, Senior Counsel for TCH solicitors Gowlings, has endorsed the plan over what could be an otherwise lengthy legal battle.

Ms. Blair may very well be reliving the day for much longer.

“To this day I will never ever be placed in another apartment. I don’t trust anybody with anything. I’m constantly having nightmares like I’m trapped and I can’t get out.”

I can understand the stress, the heartache, and the sense of loss that accompanies such a tragidy.
What I can’t understand is, why this individual feels that on top of the already high stress levels on both the tennants, and the management/property management companies, does she think she needs to file a lawsuit?
Reading the article above, and having been following this since the morning of the fire in question, I feel that everyone that can do something, has done all they can, and will continue to provide as much aid, and help as needed to bring all the tennants back to their homes.
We may never know what started this fire, or who’s responsible for it, but ladies and gentlemen, common sense should prevale in this troubling time, and instead of suing people, find ways to survive, and allow the company(s) to get back to the job of bringing you back to your home, or relocate you to another home.
TCHC, and it’s partners are doing everything in their power to get everyone back, and lawsuits like this, only slow the process.
I welcome your comments.

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Dec 18 2010

a look back. the fuck have I been up to, in a nutshell.

So, while reviewing this blogs archives for the past just over a year it’s time I come up with one of these.
I refer you to the disclaimer of content above to cover my ass as somethings in review here people might not like but to damn bad.
For lack of the fact that I’m in a mood, have it, in list format in reverse chronological order.

  • July 2009
  • after breaking up with amber, I begin dating kerri, who has been refered to in multiple posts here on this blog.
    I get heavily involved with arik, her child.

  • September 2009
  • The relationship is still going strong, we’re in the middle of court central dealing with the fact that I’m supposedly blind, being a safety risk to children, yada yada.
    I also attend my first concert. Marralyn manson. Fun times.

  • November 2009
  • Kerri and i end up breaking up for a number of reasons we won’t go into.

  • January 2010
  • I end up moving out of the queen street apartments into another building in a better area of town.

  • April 2010
  • I end up starting to date chelsea, and we hammer out the meriad of paperwork required to get me across the boarder.
    I aquire my passport and the ticket to go see her.

  • May 2010
  • I go and spend a month in new york, meeting chelsea, and lauren, among others, and a grand time is had by all.
    During this visit chelsea indicates she’s not ready for a long term relationship. so their that goes.

  • June 2010
  • I return from the states to find the apartment I’m living in a mess, things not where they should be, etc. etc. etc.
    At that point I’d already been looking into moving, but that, things being out of place and nobody taking ownership for the apartments state of mess, shoved that move ahead by alot.

  • July 2010
  • I end up being hospitalized for what I thought, was a mild knee injury, but turned out not to be as mild as initially thought.
    This month also brought me into contact with krista, who has been previously mentioned here as well, and our talking and interactions brought us to dating.

  • September 2010
  • a ticket is booked to go see krista in november.

  • October 2010
  • Issues at my current residence at the time started heating up and plans were slowly coming together for a major move after my return from the states to live with now my current roommate

  • November 2010
  • My 2nd trip to the states, and first meeting with krista.
    See entries from that month for complete details.

  • December 2010
  • My move from hamilton to petawawa rounds out the just over a year of interesting major events.

So, that, in a nutshell is major happenings since july 2009.
Surf the archive of this thing if your looking for something specific that I may have posted here.

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Oct 14 2010

the question of where will we be by the end of the season? comes to mind.

so, again, we find
while bouncing through the RSS feeds.
For your reading pleasure I shove the article in it’s entirety at your faces, see below the article for my comments.

Don’t look now, but the Toronto Maple Leafs are first in the Eastern Conference and are enjoying the view from atop the overall league standings.

Yes, the team that finished 29th in the NHL last season are off to a start nobody believed could happen.

Toronto has stormed out of the gate with three straight victories, erasing memories of last season’s horrendous start. Let’s not forget, it took the Leafs 15 games before they notched win number three last year.

To add fire to the early-season hopes, the last time the Leafs started the season 3-0 in 1999-2000, they ended up winning the Northeast Division title.

And a win on Friday night in New York against the Rangers would certainly give Leaf fans pause to think back to the good old days of the 1993-94 season, when the Maple Leafs went unbeaten in their first four games en route to 10 consecutive victories.

So what gives?

A lot of things have had to come together for this surprise start, including luck, which anyone will tell you is a big part of the game.

First is goaltending.

By this time last year, Vesa Toskala had earned the right to steal former Canadiens goalie Andre Racicot’s dubious nickname, “Red Light Racicot.” Last season, Toskala was certainly deserving of the “red light” moniker as opposing players lit the lamp behind him with ease.

In contrast, veteran J.S. Giguere has solidified Toronto’s goaltending. And just as important, he has taken the pressure off back-up Jonas Gustavsson, which is allowing the young goaltender to learn the ropes at his own pace.

Next on the list is scoring.

In the 4-3 triumph over Pittsburgh on Wednesday, 10 different Leafs found their way onto the score sheet. A year ago, that would have never happened. Back then, scoring by committee was more theory than reality.

The Maple Leafs are getting goals from summer pick-ups like Kris Versteeg and Clarke MacArthur. MacArthur in particular has been a revelation on the second line. He, along with Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski, gives the Leafs solid secondary scoring, something the team was sorely lacking last season.

Special teams are also doing what they’re supposed to do — put the puck in and keep the puck out.

Toronto’s penalty killers, among the worst in the NHL last season, are grouped in with the best at this early point of the season. Through their 3-0 start, the penalty killing success rate currently sits at an impressive 90 per cent.

Last and by no means least is what you don’t see on the scoreboard or in black and white in the standings.

When it became apparent that something was horribly wrong with his team, general manager Brian Burke dealt with the so-called “Blue and White disease” — the lackadaisical approach to winning that infected previous Leaf teams.

You won’t find this malady in the Mayo Clinic’s list of deadly illnesses but what Burke has done is chase away the players who cared more about playing for themselves than they did about doing what it takes to win.

Having guys who care about winning is perhaps the most important dynamic that’s changed in the Maple Leafs dressing room from this time last year. It has certainly shown in the added hustle, shot-blocking, and determination that’s been injected by muckers like Tim Brent and Mike Brown. And the attitude change has given the paying public reason to believe that Ron Wilson hasn’t lost it as an NHL head coach who can motivate his troops.

As for the future, Burke made a move that bodes well for Toronto as he plots how to make the playoffs. By sending defenceman Jeff Finger to the minors, Burke cleared about $4.73 million in much-needed cap space. The GM is now in a better position to acquire a scorer than he was when his team began the season.

So will the Leafs’ success last?

No, but it doesn’t matter.

The fact the Leafs are 3-0 is a welcomed surprise, and gives long-suffering Leaf fans some much needed hope.

“Everyone keeps bringing up last year,” defenceman Dion Phaneuf said after beating Pittsburgh. “Well, it doesn’t really matter right now. We’re focused on this group and this year.”

Enjoy the ride, while it lasts.

Frankly, reading that, yes, their is some hope, but as said
it’s early in the season and things can, and will, change.
Their has been a lot of better plays happening, better penalty killing, just overall *better* teamwork, then last year, will this bring them to the top and into the stanly cup finals? who knows. For now we’re on top, but can we stay in the right spot to make the finals.
We’ll most deffinitly find out as the season progresses.
that’s it, for now.

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Sep 26 2009

a couple of songs.

Hello all,
This isn’t really an update, more of a show you people two songs I like.
The first one im gonna comment a bit on.
I was listening to terri clark’s unsung hero tonight. And began thinking. This song, really fits me, right now.
Here are the lyrics to that song, and if this doesn’t make you go, wait a minute, im telling you, you aint human.

You sit in the shadows
You don’t complain or criticize
And while the world may see me as a fool
They’re not looking through your eyes
No questions asked, you’re there when I need you
With a love that inspires me to be everything you deserve
‘Cause you’re my unsung hero
And I know it’s not easy to walk in your shoes
Day after day you continue to amaze me
Now I sing this song of love for you
While others long to steal the spotlight
You work your magic quietly
Cause you’re not in it for the glory
The love you give comes naturally
I may not have much, but what I have I give to you
And this song that I sing is my gift
And I swear that I mean every word
‘Cause you’re my unsung hero
And I know it’s not easy to walk in your shoes
Day after day youcontinue to amaze me
Now I sing this song of love for you
‘Cause you’re my unsung hero
And I know it’s not easy to walk in your shoes
Day after day youcontinue to amaze me
Now I sing this song of love for you
Now I sing this song of love
For you

My favorite verse is this one.

While others long to steal the spotlight
You work your magic quietly
Cause you’re not in it for the glory
The love you give comes naturally
I may not have much, but what I have I give to you
And this song that I sing is my gift
And I swear that I mean every word
As kerri and my relationship has grown, people, have tried to steel the spotlight, tried to worm their way between us, but it hasn't worked, not at all.
We’ve had our fights, well, disagreements, per say. We’ve rolled through downtown Hamiltonian drama, and came out stronger for it. We’ve listened to people wine and bitch oh one of us is gonna cheet, (*growls*). Let me tell you, we’ve fuckin' heard it all.
This song, everytime I here it I just go, wow.
But that’s not my all time favorite one.
This one, the one I’m just going to post the lyrics to, yeah, it so fits. Omg.
These are the lyrics to Keith Urban’s thank you, off his newist album, defying gravity.

There were nights where I was sure
I wouldn’t see the morning sun
And there were days that seemed so dark
I couldn’t wait for night to come
I couldn’t stand to think about how
My life used to be
And how without a single warning
It all slipped away from me
Like a fool I thought I could fight
The shadows on my own
To the dark I was no stranger
But this was stronger than I’d known
And by the time I knew that I was too deep I’d gone too far
And the light that used to guide me
Had faded from my heart
And I found myself in places I thought I’d never go
Surrounded by stangers I was so far away from home
And I don’t know how you found me
All I know is I owe you everything
Yes I do
And I thank you for my heart
I thank you for my life
And I thank god for grace and mercy
And that you became my wife
I’m seeing for the first time
The stars, the sun and moon
But they’ve got nothing on the power
Of this love I have for you
And I thank you, thank you
Now people say they’ll never stand beside you
They swear they never leave
But when the rain started falling
You know it only fell on me
When all I felt was so much pain and guilt and shame
I couldn’t even as for help
I don’t know if I believe in other lives
But when you came
There was something so familar
About the way you said my name
And the whole world started turning
And I swear that I’d been born again brand new
And it’s all because of you
And I’ve seen so many things
That I just can’t explain
But the miracle of miracles is how
With your love I was saved
And I thank you for my heart
I thank you for my life
I thank god for grace and mercy
And that you became my wife
The day I started breathing
Was the day you took my hand
And ’til the day I die
I’ll forever be your man
And I thank you, I thank you

That’s all for now.
Nothing to content rich, but whatever, it’s something I felt like posting.
Talk to you all soon.

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