Apr 11 2011

and freedom scientific makes a goddamn fool out of me and james.

Their are times when I sit back and go

why the hell didn’t I think of that?

Short version, my computer decided that not reading in windows explorer would be cool and stalling more then a 1912 ford would be nifty.
So I decided to blame freedom scientific and ring them up and scream at a few people.
We do the basic troubleshooting and figure out, ok, it’s not the video mirror driver, so the tech goes, let me tandum in.
We dig around, bounce a few oh shit ideas around, he goes, what’s this do. He hits alt+p. this disables the preview pane in windows 7, and holy shit all my problems go away.
Yes I know, me and
fail at the whole tech thing, this time.
Better luck next time. I suppose.

3 Responses to “and freedom scientific makes a goddamn fool out of me and james.”

  1. Amanda says:

    Why didn’t you just call me? I could have fixed that for you. Sheesh.

    • stickbear says:

      simple, your not in my phone. you never resent me all the pertinant details after the replacement machine showed up so I could fix it. VCF cards rock for a reason. *grin*. Now, about that contact information. *points to dropbox if we even have a private share thingy anymore.*.
      Ah hell I’ll go create us one then put on coffee. lol.

    • stickbear says:

      ok, we do still have a share thingy over in dropbox. it’s their for a reason, lol. I need to clean that thing out. let me go do that.

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